It's conference time

That glorious time of year when I get to talk, listen, and learn about writing writing writing. No one in my life gets the obsession so I try to keep it on the down low. That's why I love conferences. We all talk the same language.

This weekend I'm going to North Chicago's Spring Fling. The line up of speakers is wonderful. So many people I've never heard speak which means boundless opportunities to learn new techniques and shake up familiar thought patterns.

I gave up my pitch appointment so I have nothing stressing me out. I'm a Golden Heart finalist so I have something I can say about myself. I'm looking forward to meeting some GHers from across the country. I've held off buying books from the attending authors so I can get them signed and help literacy.

And when I get home, I'll be all fired up and ready to write my little fingers to the bone.

What do you usually expect to get out of a conference?