What's working for you?

How's NaNo going? Are you learning creative new techniques to get your word count done? Or, are you finding your creativity is geared toward getting out of writing?

To keep my word count on track, I've been employing a series of writing sprints. I write for 20 minutes then break for a period of time and go back for another 20 minutes. It seems to be working. Telling myself I don't have to write for more than 20 minutes seems to take the pressure off when I look at my word count for the day and see that I still have 1500 to go, or 700, or even 200.

Sunday, I didn't look at the computer at all. Monday, I made up for the lack by writing over 2800 words and getting myself back on pace.

I've got a spreadsheet and a chart that helps me track my progress as often as I want. Sometimes it's a couple hundred words, sometimes a mere 50. Anything to feel as if I'm making a little progress.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to keep up this pace all the time? If I wrote full time, I'd probably be able to do it. The challenge is a little more daunting when you add in the 40 hours a week I work, the 1-1/2 drive time to and from, my daughter's after school activities. And don't even get me started with the whole cooking dinner and grocery shopping thing.

So, what's working for you?