Still working out my characterization

Something about my heroine's GMC was bothering me. I started her out too sweet, too sheltered, and too self-aware.

This is the first of a series about 3 princes. It was originally supposed to be the second book, but after working on Bound By Duty, I realized that the plot wasn't working because I was trying to make the hero something he wasn't.

When I decided to create the series, I decided the over-arching story line would revolve around these three brothers needing to produce their heir to the throne.

The first book is about the eldest brother who will one day be king. He needs a wife who can have children. So, naturally, my heroine is having trouble in that respect. She has fertility issues, but she's in denial. Or at least, now she's in denial. At first I was going to start the book knowing she can't have children. Then I decided it would be a great character arc if she had to deal with the loss of her fertility and what impact that will have on her relationship with the man she by then has come to love.

Pair that with a guy who needs an heir and is afraid to fall in love and lose control again.

Mix in his illegitimate twin daughters who have just lost their mother.

I think it's going to be a challenge to balance sexy with all that angst.

So, how are your conflicts coming?