HEA Final placements and Pre-National excitement

The Mid-Michigan Happily Ever Contest has finally announced its winners. A Case of Meddling took 2nd and Bending to Blackmail took 3rd. That's pretty much what I expected would happen. The final judge was a Harlequin American judge and these books are as far from HAR as can be since they're targeted for Silhouette Desire. Not to worry, from what I hear the feedback is great and after all that's a big part of why I enter.

I leave for D.C. in 24 hours. I'm not packed, but all my laundry is done and I just need to buy nylons and sort out what clothes I'm taking. Already I'm too excited to sleep. I can wait to see Lexi who is already having a blast.

I sent off the manuscript yesterday to Harlequin in Canada. I'm not sure how other people are doing it these days, but I chased all over town looking for International Reply Coupons. They are nowhere to be found. Even though USPS has them on their website, you can't buy them there. I sent them an e-mail asking them where I can get them. I was not running downtown last night on the off chance the post office might have them. No one answers their phone at a post office. It's all very rude.

Somehow I need to get my mind wrapped around my YA once again. This exercise with a requested manuscript has been exciting, but the reality is that Harlequin is a tough nut to crack.

Today's goal: Pack
Yesterday's achievement: Sent off manuscript
What I'm grateful for: Helpful people at shipping places
Quote: "Man has to suffer. When he has no real afflictions, he invents some." -Jose Marti