Pitches on line at eharlequin.com

I didn't make the cut on the Bites pitch. It's okay. I'm struggling with my story. It needs to rest and simmer.

So, they're doing another Desire pitch. My question is why. Did they buy anyone off the last one? What's the point of these pitches if you can submit (pitch) through a query letter. Response time might be a bit better, but it's not as if you get any sort of special treatment as someone who is selected to submit. Can you tell I'm still smarting over the form rejection I received? The pitch before last year's they bought 4 of the 5 who pitched. Of course, at that point they were shaking up the line and where probably in search of new authors to fit their new guidelines. It seems like a really cool deal, but I really think your chance of being bought out of the slush pile is just as good.

Thoughts anyone?

On another topic, I got back my scores from The Sandy. Solid results. The YA book is in early stages so I'm quite pleased.