Okay, I'm a sap

Why you ask? Because I just got done seeing the new Hannah Montana movie with my daughter and I cried through 1/3 of it. Sheesh.

Emily wasn't keen on going. She is probably the only girl child in the country that doesn't like Hannah Montana. So, I twisted her arm (not really, she's pretty easy) and said we're going.

I'm not sure why a city kid goes back to the country story gets me every time. Sweet Home Alabama. Totally loved it. Flicka. Yep, cried through that one too. And not because of what happens in the end, although that was really cryable (my daughter's terminology).

And of course, I love a movie with music or dancing. Get my foot to tapping. I'm hooked.

What are your favorite movies?

Today's goal: Chapter 3 (yeah, still fighting with it)
Yesterday's accomplishment: I figured out what's missing from current WIP
What I'm grateful for: Fun kid's movies (yesterday we say Dragonball: Evolution
Quote: "Strive for excellence, not perfection." -H. Jackson Brown Jr., O Magazine, December 2003