Openings--Are You Hooked?

So, we all know it's important to catch an editor or agent's eye. If we can't nail their interest in the first paragraph or first page, or a query letter with a great hook how likely are we to have a chance to bring it home with the big finish?

Are you easy or hard to hook? How often do you pick up a book by an author that's new to you (one not recommended by someone else) and read the first page or two. Do you put the book back on the shelf if that first page doesn't appeal? Do you rely on the author's track record to buy, or do you give it a chance because the plot sounds interesting?

And if the writing's lacking something (tension, prose, hook) how far do you read before you give up?

Today's goal: Finish chapter 4
Yesterday's accomplishment: Finished chapter 3
What I'm grateful for: It's 60 degrees today and I really think Spring may have arrived. It's hard to tell in Minnesota. Tomorrow we could have 8 inches of snow.
Quote: "About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment." -Josh Billings (1818 - 1885)