Flawed characters

Yesterday, I spent a couple hours watching the Gossip Girl episodes I'd missed the last couple of weeks. I really like the show. In any given week, you're not sure who's going to be the good guy and who's going to be the bad guy. Every single character on that show has impulses/emotional reactions that get them into trouble. I find that fascinating.

My favorite is Chuck Bass as played by Ed Westwick. He's such a bad boy. And so much of his bad behavior stems from deep deep wounds. You want him to get over it and be the great guy he could be. But he keep regressing. He desperately needs rescuing, but he resists everyone who tries. And truthfully, when he does let his guard down, someone always manages to hurt/disappoint/upset him. Can he be saved? Can he save himself?

He's well matched by Blair Warner. A calculating, bitchy, blue blood with high ambitions and some seriously deep insecurity issues. She is both vulnerable and a sherman tank. It's a great combination.

I root my character's inner conflicts deep in their childhood. Sometimes I struggle with these hurts and disappointments following them into adulthood. Does it make sense for the bad things that happened to us in our youth to nip at our heels long into our twenties and thirties? Or is it okay that we might appear as if we've grown up, but when it comes to love, we revert back to the child inside that's been hurt?

Tell me about a character you like on TV or in the movies. What appeals to you about them?

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What I'm grateful for: characters that inspire us.
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