Innocent or Ignorant?

I was over on the PRO loop today. Someone had posted their experience of finishing their first novel and immediately sending it off to agents. The tone of the post was so perky and optimistic, it reminded me of how I was when I first started writing for publication 2 years ago.

I don't want to admit that I'm cynical and jaded about how hard this business is, but I'd love to be back in touch with that naive part of me that threw myself willy nilly into a story with no concept of craft issues, characterization, conflict, all those important items.

I want to be able to write without worrying about the rules. Without wondering if what I'm doing will appeal to editors. Without being so darned careful. A return to innocence.

So what if I get a face full of pavement, right?

Today's goal: 500 words
Yesterday's achievement: 536 words
What I'm grateful for: all I've learned and all I have left to discover
Quote: "Ignorance is not innocence but sin." -Robert Browning (1812 - 1889)