I'm a libra and I don't make decisions well

This photo was shot in India. I think it perfectly illustrates how my mind works. There are always about a hundred thoughts zipping through my brain, twisting, racing, sidetracked, out of control. Warning: What follows is a sense of what I go through on a daily basis.

I really want to get published. I know there are a lot of you out there who want the same thing, but are you obsessed with it? Really obsessed? Do you haunt the internet in search of news or insight? Do you write because you love to or do you have an eye toward the market and a career?

The reason I ask is I've been working on my short contemporary WIP and chewing on what I'd like to do next. I have a pretty strong idea for a fantasy, and I've been noodling an urban fantasy as well. Everybody tells you to write what you love. Well, the truth is, I like to write all kinds of things. My reading intersts range from Romance (Contemporary, Series, Historicals--mostly Regency era) to Fantasy/Sci fi to Mystery, Thrillers (espionage mostly) to current literary works to Horror to YA. I don't read much non-fiction or Women's Fiction, but other than that, I'd say I have some pretty varied tastes.

So, if I have a wide range of things I could write, it seems to make sense that I pick something where the market isn't completely oversaturated. So, I'm back to thinking about historical romance set in the Regency era. Regency is always hot. There seems to be an interest in sexier stories (I can do that). So, yesterday, I brainstormed a series of 4 books, each featuring a widow.

For the first book, I'm resurrecting something I started quite a few years ago and never finished. I got bogged down in the suspense aspect of the story and lost my focus. Now, with all I've learned over the last 2 years, I have a renewed interest in the characters and the story. I'm going to start it in a different place. It's going to have a quirky tone. It's going to be a lot hotter. And I'm going to wrap in elements of a cozy mystery into it. The last item will be the biggest challenge I think. The whole thing works in my head--sort of. It needs more fleshing out, as do the characters.

I'm going to aim to put it into the Golden Heart. Not sure if I'll enter it or not, but I needed a date to shoot for. I don't think it will final. The opening will probably be too rough, but if I can get it finished, then I'll have something different to toss into the publishing ring.

Today's goal: Critiquing for a friend
Yesterday's accomplishment: Finished Ch 8 of WIP (actually, it was done Monday, but I made changes Tuesday and again today. But now, I think it really might be done.
What I'm grateful for: The ability to change gears.
Quote: "Decisions are made by people who have time, not people who have talent." -Scott Adams (1957 - ), Dilbert, 10-26-07