What sort of a tone do you write?




Do you write in the same tone you like to read? Or do you choose a different style? On your bookshelf, do you read more authors published by one house versus another, or are you all over the board?

Why are your favorite authors your favorites. And don't give me the old, because they write a good story. What about them appeals to you?

I like:

Fresh ideas--I can't imagine being an agent or an editor, frankly, they must weep with joy when something really great crosses their desk.

Quirky secondary characters--These are something I don't do well. Thinking way back, I recall a historical where the heroine's relative rhymed everything. Another one where they spoke in famous quotes. Kim Harrison has a 4 inch pixy that I absolutely love and a hormonally charged female vamp roommate that perpetually poised to pounce. Jim Butcher created an infamous magician's spirit (from the 1500's or so), named Bob, that helps Dresden.

Witty dialog--Nothing like a little humor to lighten a dark book.

Sexual Tension--Stephanie Laurens does this very well.

Dark heroes--Torture them please! Did anyone catch The Mentalist on CBS Tuesday? Mid way through you find out his wife and child were killed by the serial killer he's been pursuing. Five years later, he's still sleeping in the master bedroom where he found them, on a mattress placed on the floor below the killer's smiley face calling card. Great stuff.

How about you? What's a must have for a great read?

Today's Goal: While the fire's hot, keep writing the historical
Yesterday's achievement: 1000 words
What I'm grateful for: I'm attending Donald Maass' workshop this weekend
Quote: "Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time... The wait is simply too long."-Leonard Bernstein (1918 - 1990)