Hello Gorgeous

Meet Nic.

He's the hero of my latest WIP. He's a prince and a rocket scientist. In a word: brilliant. He's also first in line for his father's throne, a job he doesn't really want, but knows he must accept. Unfortunately, that means he will be forever denied the woman he loves.


Once again he smelled vanilla. Something tickled his cheek. As he reached up to scratch at the spot, a finger slid his dark glasses down his nose.

He avoided meeting her green-gold eyes as desire rumbled through him as destructive as the 1953 quake that had devastated the town below.

She scoured his face with her gaze. “You look like hell.”

She, on the other hand, looked gorgeous. Straight golden hair, streaked with dark honey, framed an oval face with arresting dimples and gently curving cheekbones. She possessed the sort of loveliness any man could lose his head over.

Her hair tickled his skin as she leaned over him. He captured the strand between two fingers and toyed with it.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“That was going to be my question for you.”

Her lips pursed in disapproval. Their proximity to his own awakened a torturous longing to slip his fingers beneath the silken fall of her hair and coaxed her closer. He wanted nothing more than to spend the next few hours learning all the curves and textures of her lips. The way she would sigh as he kissed her. The soft hitch in her breath as he grazed her lower lip with his teeth.

He shoved her hand aside and slid his glasses back into place. “If you must know, I’m working.”

Her generous mouth, rosy and bare of lipstick, curved wryly. “On your tan maybe.” She sniffed him and wrinkled her slender nose. “Or a hangover. Your eyes are bloodshot.”

“I’ve been working late.”

“Right.” She drew the word out.

He should tell her to go away, but he was so damned glad to see her that the words wouldn’t come. Instead, he growled like a cranky dog that wasn’t sure whether to bite or beg to be petted.

Bound By Duty is a 2008 New Jersey Put Your Heart In A Book finalist.

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What I'm grateful for: Tomorrow I get my daughter back from visiting our relatives.
Quote: "Change will not happen until the fear of staying put outways the fear of change." -Written on a white board at work. Not sure who the credit goes to.