Goodbye Kahlua

Today I had to say goodbye to my sable darling, Kahlua Kisses. I am going to miss her.

I was there when she was born in December of 1991, and I knew right from the start she was special. The entire litter of kittens was noisy. They couldn't move their feet without moving their mouths and Kahlua was the worst of the lot. I'm going to miss her scratchy voice. She was the only one who never missed a chance to talk back to me. And inevitably, she got the last word in.

I can't say she was my favorite (that would be unfair to the other 3), but I will desperately miss how she sat behind my head as I wrote. Or how she would rest her front half on my shoulder as I watched TV. Or how every time I went to the bathroom, she would put her front feet on my legs to be petted. She was an intense cat in her affection and her dislikes (it took her almost 7 years to warm up to my daughter).

My lap and my heart will be very empty without her around.