My daughter is spending time with her auntie this week, freeing me up to see the summer blockbusters (or not so blockbuster).

Here's what I've seen so far this week:

Hancock I can't recommend this movie. It was so bad, I left to go to the bathroom and never went back. As I drove home, I imagined the scriptwriter thinking, "I just wrote myself into a corner...wonder what I should do." This new storyline comes out of nowhere and blindsides the direction the movie was going. Whoosh. And I was out of there.

Sex In The City I love those girls. In truth, I was prepared to be disappointed. I thought: Carrie gets her wedding to Big, it's going to be nothing but a huge epilogue to the show. Wow, was I wrong. And there is a scene with Charlotte that absolutely blew me away. I thought the series ended and there was still more to say. I think the movie was a fabulous wrap up.

Get Smart It was okay. Funny in parts. I was never a huge fan of the show. Steve Carell is pretty good. I've always liked Anne Hathaway. The Rock rocks. There's a great chase scene with a SUV and a plane. All in all, respectable.

Tonight I'm going to see Hellboy II. Gotta love a big red guy from Hell with a dry sense of humor and a lot of heart.

What have you seen this summer that you've enjoyed?