More Movies

I have 3 more movies to add to my list.

I saw Hellboy II. I was disappointed. David Hyde Pierce didn't reprise his role (as the voice of Abe) and they relied a little too much on exaggerated humor in the beginning. The concept wasn't bad, but it wasn't the most successful sequel I've seen.

The Dark Knight. Christian Bale--YUMMY. What more can I say? This sequel was actually better than the original. Not too many times that happens. Heath Ledger was simply fabulous. He stole the show. And that's saying a lot. movie is long (164 minutes) and could have ended a few times, but who can complain about watching CB kick butt. Also, they included another favorite of mine, Aaron Eckart (dimples anyone?). And his make up job is amazing. The semi flipping is great. The joker is twisted. The cops are all corrupt. It kept me guessing. A must see. Not that you needed me to tell you that, right?

Momma Mia! Oh Merle. Who knew she could sing? It was fun to hum along with the ABBA tunes I grew up with. The movie made me smile from start to finish. I went straight out and bought the CD afterwards.

And now my daughter is home so my movie watching days are over. But it was sure fun while it lasted.

Today's goal: Put my Desire partial in the mail
Yesterday's achievement: Bought frames for my new artwork
What I'm grateful for: I now have high speed internet (LOVE IT)
Quote "I like life. It's something to do." -Ronnie Shakes