The partial is in the mail

I stopped off at the post office on my way into work today and popped A Case of Meddling in the mail. I wanted it off my plate and out of my life. Last time there was a Desire pitch, they bought 3 of the 5. I wonder if the ratio will hold for this one. They haven't bought an unpublished author since Jennifer Lewis. Oh, they've bought a few "new" authors since then, but no one without a track record. Robyn Grady is the only one who might qualify, but she sold to Presents and Desire at around the same time so I don't count her. And so the wait begins. I hope I don't look like this guy by the time I hear something.

Today I started the revisions on Bending. I have had time to absorb all the feedback I got and have begun to adjust the storyline. If I'm going to toss it into the Golden Rose, I better get going.

On another note, here is an absolutely hilarious posts by Libby Bray. In my case, I'm juggling so many lovers, er manuscripts, I'm in various stages depending on the book. I think I'm pretty much in the range of The Revision, Month Two with Bending and The Revision, Month Three with Meddling.

Where are you at in Libby's stages of love with your current WIP?

Today's goal: Chapter one of Bending revised (again).
Yesterday's accomplishment: Partial ready to go.
What I'm grateful for: I have my daughter home.
Quote: "I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it." -Mary Chase (1887 - 1973), Jimmy Stewart in "Harvey", 1950