Some days things just don't go right

Do you ever get the feeling you've missed the boat?

As I said yesterday, my characters seem to have a mind of their own. The story was not working. I almost tossed the whole thing aside and started working on something else. Then I went for a walk. Julia Cameron of The Artist Way is a big one for walking your way to creativity. It frees your mind and gives you a chance to see new things that hopefully will spark inspiration. I walk on the treadmill at work for 30 minutes. It's not going to provide me with new sights to jump start my creativity, but the act of walking sometimes lets my mind drift (driving works as well).

Yesterday I was having a hard time creating tension between two characters that didn't know each other given the situation they found themselves in. The 2nd half of the book was going to be filled with conflict, but I had to get them there. As I prepared to bail on the story for the time being and embark on the boss/secretary/secret baby/marriage of convenience story (did I miss any?) I had waiting in the wings, I realized one little change could fix all I was struggling with. So, I broke down and gave them a past connection. The story became easier to write. The conflict between them became more intense and yet allowed for all the delightful sexual tension I love. And since I'm on a roll with reluctant heroes, Nic is just the sort of guy I'm dying to spend time with.

The beginning now sparkles. I will surely have a chapter one I'll be happy to pop into the mail in the next 10 days.

How about you? How do you get unstuck?

Today's goal: 1/2 way through chapter 11 edit/rewrite
Yesterday's achievement: Finished CH 10
What I'm grateful for: Those "ah ha" moments of clarity.
Quote: "You create your opportunities by asking for them." -Patty Hansen, Prevention Magazine