Ignoring the internal editor

Well, the new book sucks. Or at least parts of it do. Sitting down to write a story without hours and hours of daydreaming about it is proving challenging. I have an idea where the characters are going, but they keep doing things and saying things and thinking things that get the story off track. Bad characters. The story took a dark turn I wasn't expecting and since I had planned a little lighthearted seduction, I need to figure out how I can get them back to trusting each other enough for them to have some fun.

In an effort to get words on a page, I'm writing scenes that pop into my head rather than trying to write a fluid story with great transitions. I figure when I have nothing but time on my hands I'll go back through and write all the connecting junk.

The good news is that I'm plugging along. I'd hoped to throw the first chapter into the Maggie. I'm a little worried that it's lacking the sparkle between the characters that I usually have. It might have something to do with trying to finish one edit while trying to begin a new story. Or it might be the fight to keep backstory out of the first chapter. Or it might be that they are strangers without the built in backstory between them.

I'm going to keep going through the rest of the week. Hopefully I can get the edit done by Friday so I'll be free to concentrate on the new story all weekend.

How are your WIPs going?

Today's goal: Finish Chapter 10
Yesterday's achievement: Went sailing for the first time this year!!!
What I'm grateful for: It's almost spring in Minnesota. Kidding. Of course it's spring, it just so freaking cold.
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