Oh, the things we'll do...

I’ve been feeling pretty gloomy these last few months, thinking that I’ve been busting my butt, writing my little fingers to the bone, and not moving forward at all in my dream to be published.

Then a friend sends me an e-mail with these pictures. This is a trail in China that leads to a restaurant. If you make it there, you eat free. I’m not sure my fear of heights would let me climb this trail for a free meal.

Then I started wondering, if I could make the climb for a book contract. The answer is a resounding yes. And if that’s true, then I should be willing to do something equally hard: write well, learn my craft, bare my teeth at rejection, and persevere. Because of one thing I’m certain. One misstep on the road to publication isn’t going to kill me the way one slip on this trail would.

Puts things in perspective, I reckon.

I can't imagine how long this climb takes. The worst part is, after you've eaten your lovely free meal, you have to make the journey back down.