ANTM Season Finale

I haven't posted about this season's America's Next Top Model. It is my one of my biggest guilty pleasure. My other guilty pleasure starts on May 22 with 2 hours of the worst dancing auditions ever seen: So You Think You Can Dance. I absolutely love Nigel Lithgow. And Mary Murphy, Shane Sparks, Mia Michaels.

The reason I bring up ANTM tonight is because as I write my stories, I think about all the times I describe the character's reactions and I sometimes wonder, can you really tell what's going on in someone's head? Tonight I watched the finale and realized that some faces truly are expressive without being obvious. Body language can tell how they're reacting even when it's truly subtle. Faces go flat with surprise. People walk woodenly when they've undergone a huge shock. Lips quiver when they're under stress. Worry can be almost tangible.

So, good bye Anya. Good luck Whitney. See you next season, Tyra, Nigel, Miss J, Mr J, and please bring back Twiggy. No offense Paulina, you are gorgeous, but you're just too hard on the girls.

Today's goal: Finish ch 8
Yesterday's achievement:
What I'm grateful for: That when one season of reality tv ends, another begins
Quote: "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly."-Thomas Paine