Winter Blahs

I need a vacation from my life. Could someone arrange that for me? It was eleven below zero when I woke up this morning, the windchill a bitter twenty-six below. I think 99.9% of Minnesotans are sick of winter by now. We should have temps averaging in the 30’s. At least by the weekend we can look for some relief.

My best friend called me about cruises yesterday, but leaving town isn’t going to help what ails me. When I get back, it’s still going to be winter. My house will still be messy. My to do list will still be long. I’ve been fantasizing about hiring a personal assistant, maid, cook, and nanny. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have nothing more to worry about than getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed, and go work out, or have lunch with the girls?

I submitted my entry to Harlequin’s Big Finish 2 contest last night. If I was a judge, I wouldn’t pick it. The entry isn’t particularly creative, but the work that went into it is solid. I probably wouldn’t have submitted, but they’re going to select a winner by the end of February so, at least I won’t be in suspense long.

I don’t like writing endings. I can’t seem to finish the story. I go on and on with conversations, waiting for that ah ha moment that puts the sprinkles on the cupcake. As an exercise, it was valuable. I approached the 3000 word entry as if it was the end of a book. I created GMC for each of the characters, but didn’t delve into their backstory. There’s the basis for a conflict, but a lot more work would have to be done to flesh it out into an entire book. Since I’m usually all about openings, it’s weird to have no idea how the hero and heroine met.

Okay, enough about my winter blues. Here’s my quote for the day.

Today's Goal: Do 2 pages on new WIP
Yesterday's Accomplishment: Submitted Big Finish entry
What I'm Grateful for: Winter doesn't last forever, even if it seems like it does.