I just popped over to eharlequin for a dose of blog hopping and found a social forum dedicated to the submission process and waiting. After scanning through 400 plus posts, I began to get that panicky feeling that I've successfully squashed for the last month. It was a dose of reality that I'm not sure I needed. It reminded me just how many people are out there trying to get published and how incredibly difficult this process is and how long it takes. Writing a good book isn't enough. You have to capture the attention of the right editor and somehow make it off their TBR pile. Oh, and then they have to love you and have a slot for your book. You have to be unique and exactly what the line is looking for. So, when I saw a GH finalist that hadn't heard a word on a submission for almost a year, it's a little disheartening.

On the other hand, who am I to lose faith? I have submitted one book and gotten one rejection (well technically one book submitted twice). I have lots of work to do on 3 others that have been requested. There are people on that forum who have never had a full requested and they've been at it for years. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been granted. I will continue to bust my butt and make more opportunities. There are contests to enter and books to finish.

Thanks for listening to me freak out. Now you know why I write escapist fiction. I don't do reality well.

Today's Goal: 2 pages on chapter 9 (getting closer to that black moment...)
Yesterday's Accomplishments: Sketched out black moment.
What I'm Grateful For: Newly learned skills to defeat the black monster of doubt
Affirmation/Quote: My success is measured by my willingness to keep trying