Going Up

Well, as expected, it’s happening. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I swing from productive to unproductive and back again. I’m on the upswing from feeling tired all the time and reluctant to write, to bursting with ideas and unable to sleep. I’m not really sure if this is a biorhythm thing or a chemical imbalance. I’ve been working on goals, task lists, etc. to keep me motivated, but I think the credit goes to the fact that I have some traces of bi-polar at work in my psyche.

What this means is that I’m eager to reach out more instead of shutting myself off from the world and hibernating. I’ve got more energy to write and could use more freetime to develop all the ideas that come to me. What do I do with it? I run with it, draining myself of all the great ideas by writing them down, I reconnect by blogging, I clean my house, do laundry, fix meals, balance by checkbook. Yesterday I said I was going to do less when I felt this way. Today, I'm going to make hay while the sun shines.

I got a new idea for a book. Well, technically it’s an old idea, one that I wrote and had rejected from Silhouette because I didn’t do a good enough job with pacing and conflict. I rewrote the story, keeping the characters while taking out a bunch of elements that I really liked, but that weren’t needed in the new version. So, now I gather up those discarded elements in order to write a new story with new characters, but the same conflict—a bigger, better conflict because I’ve learned much in the last six months.

Anybody got new ideas percolating when they should be hard at work on current WIP?

Today’s Goal: Meet friends to discuss our bookclub selection.
Yesterday’s Achievement: 2 pages of ch 5 edits done.
What I’m Grateful For: That deep well of inspiration where ideas come from.
Affirmation: Rules Are Good. Break Them!