Loving the process

Today, I have to come clean and say that last week didn't go so well for my defeating self-destructive behaviors. I'm not exactly sure what led to my backsliding. In part, I think I got off track Wednesday when I didn't have time to do my 2 page edits. Then on Thursday, I lost half of the edits I'd accomplished on Tuesday, so instead of having a net 4 pages, I had a net 3.5 and I began to think that I was falling behind because I'd only done 3.5 pages in 3 days. I was so tired after a long week and a couple nights with less than optimal sleep that I didn't do anything on Friday. By the time Saturday hit, in my mind I was playing catch up.

Because in my mind (notice how I keep saying that?) I was behind, I stopped wanting to work because I became overwhelmed by how much I had to do to stay on my time table. Now, here's where it gets interesting. Instead of marching ahead with the book that I'm editing, I got sidetracked on a new project for the HP contest. At some point last week, I got a great idea that just had to be committed to paper. It wasn't what I was "supposed" to do, but at least it was something. So, I have a rough synopsis and 1st chapter instead of the edits for chapter 6.

I'm already feeling panicky that I'm behind this week. I think to go forward I need to give myself a clean slate each Monday. I'm having a little trouble getting my mind around that.

Oh well, maybe I'll just go sit it the hot tub.

Cheers from Minnesota!

Today's Goal: 2 pages ch 6 edits
Yesterday's Achievement: Finished ch 1 new "boss" story
What I'm Grateful For: Whiteboards
Affirmation: "Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently" --Henry Ford