Happy Halloween


Just in time for Halloween, yesterday’s seventy degree weather has given way to lower fifties with wind gusts of 25 mph. I shouldn’t complain. This is warmer than last year when my girlfriend and I bundled up for a chilly trudge, armed with big glasses of wine. The kids we don’t worry about. They run too much to get cold. We trick or treat in a Minneapolis suburb, built in the 20’s where the homes are close together and the kids get more bang for their buck. I’m a child of the 70’s when the energy crisis put a stop to all the Christmas lights decorating the houses. Which means as I walk the neighborhood and see all the orange lights, lawn blow up figures of ghouls and ghosts and the dry ice machines pumping spooky smoke, I wish I was a kid again.

What is cuter than a bunch of labs in ghost costumes?

Today’s Goal: Get lots of pictures of my daughter in her great costume
Yesterday’s Achievement: I sent my PRO paperwork to RWA
What I’m Grateful For: Being almost done with my rewrite on Negotiation