Halloween Eve

A friend at work sent me this wonderful e-mail with a bunch of great pictures of boys. In honor of Halloween I post this one. Tomorrow I will have other pictures I've collected off e-mails to celebrate the spooky day. Only they're not really spooky, they're actually quite fun.

My daughter had a school project where she had to do a report on a famous person. She chose Catherine the Great. I can't wait to see how the presentation turns out. The kids were supposed to dress in costume and have their picture taken as their character. I found a terrific queen costume at Target (bless them) that was dark brown and the style was even appropriate for the time period. She had a blast dancing around with the hoop skirt and was the talk of the class. I wish I could bottle her high spirits and enthusiasm. I swear she is the happiest person I know.

Today's Goal: Stay away from the TV and get some work done.
Yesterday's Accomplishment: I made it to Round 3 of Karin Tabke's contest
What I'm Grateful For: Friends that make me laugh.