Almost there

I've been working on a major rewrite for the last 2 months. I've taken 2 Writer U classes as I worked. I'm hoping I've fixed the problems with the last version of the story (and not created new ones in the process). I entered the story in the GH last year and have reentered it this year. After I entered it in the GH, I threw it into a bunch of contests to test the water. It didn't final in any (until I made some changes), but it scored in the top quarter of the GH with all the problems that hadn't allowed it to final in any of the other contests, doing a lot better in the GH than the manuscript that had been beating it all along. So, now that it's won a couple of contests and been looked at by countless individuals that know way more about writing than I do, I figure it will probably end up in the bottom quarter of the GH. LOL.

Whatever happens, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've improved in the last year. Shame on me if I haven't. At least I know I've met lots of great people, both on line and in person, and that I've been helped and I hope I've helped a little in return.

Now all I have to do is let go of this one and move on to the next.