Gone, Baby Gone

Dennis Lehane is a very talented author. It's been a lot of years since I've read his books and I'm inspired to reread him after seeing the movie based on his novel. Casey Afleck stars in the movie directed by his brother Ben. And Morgan Freeman is his usual strong character that I've seen in many movies, but which he's perfect for. The mystery leaves you not knowing what to make of the players. Are they good or evil? In the end the question I was left with a question: is it bad to do the wrong thing for good reasons? Or is doing the right thing the way to go even if it doesn't end up being the best thing? Can the wrong thing ever be right?

Today's Goal: Still working on chapter 11 revisions
Yesterday's Achievement: Plugging away
I'm Grateful For: Winning a contest and receiving a darling pendant with flamingos. Thank you TARA!