A Yo Yo Life

I'm a Libra. So I should be used to life's ups and downs. The truth is, I hate the seesaw. I have ordered my days so I have very few high-highs and low-lows. I like it that way. I don't function well in turmoil. However, lately my world seems to be on a rollercoater ride to nowhere. I have had incredibly wonderful things happening in my writing. I've had great comments from judges in contests. I've placed second and fourth in two contests and eagerly await the comments from editors. On the other hand, my relationships with some of the people in my life have been filled with tension and frustration.

My best friend is having similar woes. Her cats have become very sick and she's got stirred up emotions around her as well. We're both in awe of the craziness going on around us.

Of course, I can't stay stressed out for long, especially when watching Dancing with the Stars and a new show on NBC called: Thank God You're Here. The premise is they take actors/comedians, dress them up, then throw them into a senario where someone starts with, "Where have you been?" The scene goes on from there as the actor needs to think fast on his/her feet. It's improv and very funny.

I had another law of attraction moment yesterday. I wear a badge at work and managed to misplace it between Thursday evening and Friday morning. I remember exactly where I was when I took it off (outside the grocery store) and figured I'd lost it in the parking lot. Before I called the store to discover if anyone had turned it in, I checked my mailbox. I live in a townhouse community and we have central mailboxes. When I checked the mail yesterday (Sunday is an odd day to check the mail, but I'd not gotten the mail Friday or Saturday) and there was my badge. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I checked the mail on Thursday PM and the nice mailman put the badge into my mailbox. Lovely law of attraction at work.

Today's goal: Survive
Yesterday's achievement: Stayed sane
I'm Grateful for: Small (but large to me) acts of kindness