The Secret

In the last ten days I've become a passionate advocate of The Secret. Now, normally I run in the opposite direction of trends, but in this case, I have come to realize that Rhonda Byrne has collected a treasure trove of quotes and philosophies that can be applied to everyone's life.

This law of attraction thing is pretty cool. I borrowed the CD's from my best friend and began to listen. Shortly after I got done listening to the part about visualization, my boss made his fifth pass through our department wondering if anyone had seen his calculator. Now, he loses this thing at least once a day because he likes to carry it with him where ever he goes. I told him to visualize it on his desk. He said he would, then he went charging off in another sweep of the building. Meanwhile one of my co-workers stopped by and asked if that could happen. Could someone really get something by just visualizing it. He'd scarcely gotten the question out when our boss could be heard yelling, "Here it is on my desk." Of course, the calculator was on his desk all the time, but was this not a perfectly timed demonstration of the law of attraction?

Last weekend I went to Home Depot to buy a shelving system for my daughter's closet. In the past, when I've needed to have the wire shelving cut to the proper size, I've run into problems finding someone to help me. As I pulled into the parking lot, I simply knew someone that could help me would stop by the aisle where the shelving material was stored. Sure enough, someone did.

Assuming that the universe will provide what you want is a powerful thing. But don't forget to be grateful for what you have. The universe likes that too.

Today's goals: Finish chapter nine of my current project
Yesterday's achievements: I ordered blinds for my upstairs windows
I'm Grateful: My daughter isn't April Fooling me all day