Staying sane when it's easier to go crazy

I feel very scattered today. I have begun and deleted three topics without being able to stay with one thought long enough to carry it through to a conclusion and have it make sense. Here's try number 4.

Over the last 5 months I’ve begun to enter contests. I know the ups and downs, pitfalls and benefits. Years ago (a decade) I used to have pretty good luck entering contests and winning. So, when I entered my manuscripts in a bunch of them, I decided that my winning streak had a good chance of continuing. I recalled that there is a lot of luck with contests (getting your entry into the hands of sympathetic judges is key), but when I finalled in the first two contests I entered, I grew too confident about my product. Now that 2 other contests have passed me by (the huge one announces this weekend), I’ve decided to take a step back and remind myself what I originally hoped to accomplish by entering. FEEDBACK. Granted, finaling feels great (someone liked my writing!!!), but I must remember that not everyone has the same opinion and listening to a point of view that differs from mine challenges me to make my writing stronger.

So, I’m listening to Amanda Marshall’s brilliant, scratchy voice and letting her remind me that: “We think we’re in control…We think we know, until we don’t…The best things happen when you don’t try, or wish on an eyelash, just open your heart to a strange thing…Your fears are in your mind…We’re all just flying blind.”

Today’s goal: Meet Annie for dinner and write 1 page
Yesterday’s accomplishment: Two hours of editing
What I’m grateful for: Friends who cough up $10 for raffle tickets for my daughter’s school.