I'm working with my scenes on current WIP and noticing that I'm doing the scene/sequel thing backwards.

In Dwight Swain's book, he says you need to do first a scene (Goal, Conflict, Disaster). Followed by a Sequel (Reaction, Dilema, Decision).

However, in my book, each change of POV starts with Reaction and ends with Disaster.

For example: Hero is in the shower, thinking about how he woke up spooning the heroine. He not sure what happened to him since he's not used to letting his guard down enough to spend the night with a woman much less snuggle with her(reaction). Next, he struggles with how his unprofessionalism in sleeping with his assistant is going to cause problems when he sets about convincing her to not quit his employ and wonders if it makes sense to keep her on now that he's become rather personally involved with her (dilema). Finally, he decides that they are both professional enough to put one night of hot sex behind them (decision). Sequel.

Next, he gets out of the shower and embarks on his plan to restablish their professional footing (goal). Unfortunately, the heroine looks rather fetching in his shirt and nothing else (conflict). Lastly, his breakfast meeting shows up early and catches hero with skimpily clad heroine (disaster). Scene

It seems to be working for me. Has anyone had experience working with scene/sequel? I'd love some feedback.