I feel like I'm living in a snapshot. A moment frozen in time.

Nothing much is happening. I'm stuck in a rut. Same routine every day. What changes there are seem tiny considering how long I've been waiting and watching and expecting.

Waiting sucks as I'm sure anyone trying to get published or already published will agree. Nothing moves fast.

I usually keep myself entertained by entering chapter contests and awaiting results, but none have had a good final editor line for me.

The Golden Heart announces in a week. Like the foolish optimist I am, I tossed in two books. One has been in before, but has had massive changes. It has already been rejected by Harlequin so I figure it has the best chance of finaling because it's not going to sell. The other one is on its virgin voyage.

As I've often said, finaling is a complete crapshoot. It's like throwing money away on the lottery. You have no idea what judges you're going to get or if they'll have a clue about writing or the category you're in. I've entered 3 times. The worst of the three manuscripts did the best and hit the top 25%. Go figure.

Whether I final or not will determine if I go to Nationals in Nashville. Funds are tight this year so I need a strong justification to spend money. Not finalling will bum me out (naturally), but it will be less stressful all around.

Currently, I'm between books. I should be editing either of the two I finished in January and February, but I'm waiting for feedback and can't get focused.

So, I'm reading and plotting something new. A single title. Something juicy and full of interesting characters, plot, shady backgrounds, and suspense that I can sink my teeth into. Time to stretch my creative muscles in a way that I can't in category.

I'm reading thrillers. Robert Crais. Randy Wayne White. I've decided to set the story on Sanibel or a fictional island like it. If you like a fast pace novel with great writing pick up either of these guys.

Desire pitch today. I'm not participating, but the chat ahead of time should be interesting. I hope one of the five pitching knocks one out of the park. It would be nice to see something happen, even if it's not happening to me.

How about you? Life moving fast or slow at the moment?