Are we there yet?

As I edit A Case of Meddling for the I don't know what-th time, I can't help but think about all those people who wrote a book, their first or second, and sold it.

On Miss Snark's First Victim's blog, I read a success story about how Ginger Clark signed a new client after requesting her work from one of the Secret Agent contests. The client was 15 years old. Yes, you heard me. 15 years old. How could she have lived enough in 15 years to be able to write a gripping, thoughtful book? And know enough about grammar, characterization, plot, tension, etc. to have not one but multiple agents interested in signing her.

As I head into my third decade as a writer, still unpublished, I marvel at how many words I've put on the page. Settling into another deep edit of this book and seeing all the ways it can be improved, I'm able to appreciate how far I've come and all I've learned in the process.

But I can't help but ask: Am I there yet?