Journaling in your character's POV

Have you ever done this?

I'm reading James N. Frey's How To Write A Damn Good Mystery and this is what he suggests. It's rather cool. I'm going to do all the characters in the book from the heroine to the villain and all the secondary characters in between. I've already done the hero of my YA and found out some truly interesting things about him that would never have surfaced in the normal writing of the book. Now I'm working on the heroine's arch nemesis. She's going to start out a little stereotypical, I'm afraid. But her character is fascinating with little insecurities all of her own. And she's got some good stuff too. Can't forget to make the bad guys a little nice. And make the nice guys a little bad.

I also got sidetracked a little this weekend with a new YA story idea. This always happens to me. I can't write them fast enough. To avoid getting completely derailed, I'm going to journal in my main character's POV and hopefully once I get the idea out of my head and onto paper that it will simmer down. I think sometimes I'm afraid of forgetting the new idea so I think and think and think about it.

Today's goal: 1000 words on something
Yesterday's achievement: 1000 words on Truthseer
What I'm grateful for: Sunshine and 70 degrees
Quote: "I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it." -Samuel Goldwyn (1882 - 1974)