I'm this ( ) close to being done

This is how I picture all those manuscript look heading to Silhouette.

1500 words from now I will be able to write "THE END" on my revisions for The Christmas Bargain. I probably should have worked a little harder and gotten done sooner. Today, at eharlequin Susan is hosting an on-line Special Edition pitch. There are 11 pitchers and in the next week or so there will be 11 fulls or partials winging their way to her desk. Unfortunately, my full will be mixed in with that crowd.

Oh well, at least the wait will give me time to finish Bound By Duty and maybe even the sequel to The Christmas Bargain. The last time I sent her a full, she got back to me in 9 months. That's more than enough time to write a book and a half.

I hadn't intended to concentrate on short contemporary this year. I really wanted to try something new, but after not finaling in the Marlene with my YA, I'm going to wait for some feedback before moving forward with it.

So, there's my near future in a nutshell. Stop back in a couple days and it may have changed. Sigh.

Today's goal: Finish the last chapter
Yesterday's accomplishment: worked on edits up to the last chapter. Finished updating the synopsis for The Christmas Bargain
What I'm grateful for: We might have just endured our last sub zero day this winter. WHOOHOO!!!
Quote: "Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck -- but, most of all, endurance." -James Baldwin (1924 - 1987)