The Christmas Bargain has left the building

It's on it's way to New York Monday morning. I dropped it in the mail tonight. As always, I send it off with mix emotions. This novel is a departure for me because it's not targeted at Silhouette Desire, but at Special Edition. It was really easy to write. Almost too easy. The secondary characters were a ball to work with. I only hope they didn't overwhelm the scenes they're in.

My next project is to write 2000 words on the sequel and get it ready to go into the Touch Of Magic contest. That's due on Saturday.

Then, I'm going to tackle a Nocturne Bites for the pitch. I started something a thousand years ago and had no idea what to do with it. Then the whole plot just exploded in my head and I knew exactly what to do. It could be written into a whole book, but I think it will work great as a Bites. The pitch is April 15th. The blurb is due the 4th I think.

After that, it's back to Bound By Duty. ARG. I have to get this thing finished. I'm going to write the darned thing however it wants to be written and not worry about trying to fit it into a predetermined shape. Maybe that will help me get it done. That, and the fact that I had a little brainstorm about my hero's inner conflict. It would be nice to finish it sometime mid-May. Say, the 15th.

You've probably noticed my YA has gotten lost somewhere. Sigh. I need to get some feedback on it before I'll be ready to move forward. And I should be getting lots of feedback in April. That's when all the contests are due to announce finalists.

Today's goal: Get manuscript done and mailed
Yesterday's accomplishment: Final polish complete
What I'm grateful for: I walked outside in bare feet today. WHOOHOO!!!
Quote: "Read over your compositions, and wherever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out."
-Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784), from Boswell's Life of Johnson