Hello vacation, here I come

I've had a pretty productive couple of weeks writing wise. So, I'm feeling pretty good about taking off for 4 days and leaving my laptop behind. Okay, maybe I'm a little twitchy about being out of touch for 4 days. It's a little like quitting smoking cold turkey.

Since we're taking the train to Chicago and it's an 8 hour ride, I thought I would take some reading material along. No laptop, just reading. I can't wait!

Today's goal: Wash clothes for the trip
Yesterday's achievement: Got my entries off for the Touch Of Magic Contest
What I'm grateful for: A vacation with my daughter
Quote: "Henry James would have been vastly improved as a novelist by a few whiffs of the Chicago stockyard." -H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956) Here's hoping it works for me too!