And now back to my (ir)regularly scheduled blog

Hello, I'm back from vacation with my daughter. Two days on a train, two full days and two part days in Chicago near the fabulous Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave). Oh, how the time does fly.

We had a great time. The city is big and noisy. Full of lights and people. When we arrived at 4pm on Sunday night, we settled in, had dinner at the fabulous pub restaurant in our hotel (shephard's pie--OHMYGOD YUM) and then hiked to the John Hancock. Imagine my culture shock to find out that Chicago doesn't slow down on Sunday night. It's a hoppin' happenin' place.

We went to the Alden Planetarium and Field Museum on Monday. And the Museum of Science and Industry on Tuesday. Lots of cool stuff in all those places.

Since we took the train, we were dependent on public transportation to get around. Buses were our friend. The weather was a bit cool for outdoor activities, but we still managed to hoof it a bit. Nothing like experiencing a big city one step at a time.

Being out of touch with the internet was rather nice. I had about 40 e-mails when I returned. Most of them junk mail (I gotta clean that up). I hope all you were good while I was gone. Seems like they went and announced the Rita/GH finalists. Congrats to all you who finaled. I'll be in the audience in July cheering you on.

Today's goal: unpack
Yesterday's achievement: relaxed
What I'm grateful for: 4 days of no work
Quote: "No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one." -Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)