Barely a bump in the road

After feeling a little like I'd been kicked in the chest yesterday, I refocused my energy on the entry I'm throwing into the Connections contest.

As I think I've mentioned, I love starting something new. I'm terrible at endings. That being said, I'm super excited about how the first chapter has flowed. The book is titled The Baby Bargain, and it's all about a woman who goes from being a "gestational carrier" to a "mother" when her best friend dies. As someone who adopted her daughter, I'm interested in the various roads--both physical and spiritual--to motherhood and wanted to explore some of those in this book.

Being a sequel and all, I had my hero's background all figured out already. He appears in The Christmas Bargain as a secondary character, although he spends a lot of time "off stage"

I think seeing things through his eyes will help me when I go back and tackle my next set of revisions for The Christmas Bargain since it's the personality clash between him and his brother that sets up the external conflict in the story.

Another thing I have to say is how much fun it is to write a little more variety into my characters' lives. These two books have some lighthearted moments thanks to family members. As an only child, it's fun to write about characters with brothers and sisters. My best friend has 3 brothers and a sister so I have her experiences to draw from and my own outsider's perspective as well.

Today's goal: Finish up the contest entry
Yesterday's achievement: Wrote the dreaded synopsis (must cut the length)
What I'm grateful for: Writing with enthusiasm.
Quote: "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)