Back to Savannah

I decided to pull some photos of Savannah to jump start my revisions. It worked. I got chapter two finished and a pretty decent start on chapter three.

Tossing out a major plot point has been easier than I expected. I guess it means that it wasn't a very important element.

The conflict between the characters is coming along nicely. This is the most imporant element of a category romance and probably the most challenging.

I think everyone should try their hand at writing a series book. It's a great place to learn about writing conflict because at 50,000 to 65,000 words, these stories force you to focus on the characters and their love story.

It's not as easy as it sounds. I'm judging the contemporary series category of the 2009 Winter Rose Contest. Each time I judge a contest, I am reminded just how many people write perfectly acceptable stories, but how much they struggle with conflict. By the time I finish six thousand words, I should have some idea what the characters'internal conflict will be and what they will have to overcome to reach their happily ever after.

Melissa Jeglinski, former Senior Editor for Silhouette Desire now an agent with The Knight Agency, had a great post here on writing category. It's interesting how many NYT Bestselling authors got their start writing category romance. And it's intriguing how many return to write it even after their careers have taken off.

Today's goal: Get halfway through chapter three
Yesterday's accomplishment: Finished chapter two
What I'm grateful for: My dad comes home today after knee surgery.
Quote: "All I can say about life is, oh God, enjoy it." -Bob Newhart