A Southern Heat Final


The Christmas Bargain finaled in the 2008 Southern Heat Contest. After numerous finals in 2007 (and no editor interest), I parked the book on my (cyber) shelf and turned my attention to other projects.

But the story is fun, the setting fabulous (Savannah, GA at Christmas) and the characters deserved better than I'd been able to do for them.

Back in September, I hauled her out and reworked the first 10 pages for the Southern Heat Contest (at the very last minute). When I realized I also needed a synopsis (read all the instructions dummy), I didn't have the time to rework the one I had (things had changed a bit).

So, with a heavy heart, I put aside the entry and neglected to delete the bookmark for the contest page. Which is why when I clicked on the bookmark three weeks later and the contest page pulled up, I was shocked to see that they'd extended the deadline almost a month. I now had a couple days to polish up the synopsis.

I shot the whole entry off and low and behold, it finaled. Whoohoo.

This marks my 20th final. It has taken me 2 years to achieve, and I'm pretty excited.

I've finaled with 6 different books in 2 genres.

The Christmas Bargain has racked up the most finals (8), but it has never won and it is my only short contemporary that has never been requested. I hope that changes with this contest.

Today's goal: 500 pages
Yesterday's achievement: finished 13 Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (great book)
What I'm grateful for: my 20th final
Quote: "Having a dream is what keeps you alive. Overcoming the challenges make life worth living."
Mary Tyler Moore (1936 - )