Taking a break from writing

Can be good if you take the time to refresh and revitalize, or it can cause you to completely lose focus on what you were working on.

My momentum is gone. As you can probably tell from my progress bars. I'm stuck on the first 3 chapters of Bound By Duty. However, I'm determined to attack it this weekend.

Tonight I'm going to a movie (nothing like a little Bond inspiration) and then go home and clean house. I always feel more like writing when my surroundings are in order.

I'm really impressed with some of the Nanowrimo progress I'm seeing. It's awesome that people can write 50,000 words in a month.

I put my daughter on a plane for Florida tonight. That gives me 8 days to write, write, write. No excuses.

That's about all I've got.

Today's goal: See 007
Yesterday's achievement: I got nothin'
What I'm grateful for: Time off to refresh
Quote: "Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to get leisure." -Benjamin Franklin