A movie marathon weekend

I saw in the theater:

The Quantum of Solace. Fast, fast, fast. One chase scene after another. Not the level of characterization of the first one. The special effects were great!

Secret Life of Bees. Loved the book. Loved the movie.

Twilight. Now, I know I'm going to raise the wrath of a lot of people with this one, but the hero just didn't do it for me and I didn't buy the chemistry between Bella and Edward. Left me with too many story questions. What would a 90 year old vampire (in a 17 year old body) want with a 17 year old girl that he can't have sex with? Joss Whedon took on the same question with Buffy and Angel. There it worked. Here it didn't.

I saw on DVD:

Freedom Writers. LOVED it. I'm always a sucker for the underdog movies. I love the teacher who believes in her students and they thrive because of it theme. Works for me every time.

Death at a Funeral. For those of you still struggling with how to write conflict, it's a must see. There's so much conflict flying around the screen, you are almost afraid to see what comes next. The situations are so horrifyingly funny. Enough said.

Today's goal: Attend my daughter's parent/teacher conference
Yesterday's achievement: Saw Twilight
What I'm grateful for: The opportunity to see "adult" movies
Quote: "Good taste is the enemy of comedy." -Mel Brooks (1926 - )