Happy Labor Day

I spent mine engaged in no labor at all. I read my current bookclub selection, I watched La Femme Nikita with my daughter and stopped for dinner at McDonalds. Nope, no labor at all.

This weekend I had no internet, no TV and had to borrow a couple of books from my daughter. I gave her The City of Ember and A Wrinkle In Time. Believe it or not, I'd never read the latter (1st published the year of my birth) and so many people rave about it. As a long time fan of fantasy, I can't believe I never read it. Both books are great in different ways.

Last week I listened to an interview with Jim and Shannon Butcher this week, they both citing enjoying books that let them escape into the story without noticing the writing. All the books I read this weekend (no romance at all) let me do just that. The writing seemed so effortless. The stories just flow from one plot point to the next. Do you struggle to get past the writing and just enjoy the book, or is it just me?

How was your weekend? Productive or relaxing?