A budding writer

I accidently bought James Scott Bell's book Plot and Structure. I was trying to buy his book on Revising (which I also got). Turns out it was a fortuitous mistake. I skimmed through it and picked up a couple little techniques to incorporate into my planning stages. Then my almost nine year old daughter plucked it off my nightstand last night and started reading it. Now, I know she likes to write, but having her choose to take on a book about writing really blew me away. I figure if she can grasp the basics of beginning, middle and end and a little bit about characterization, she will be further ahead than most writers twice her age.

I couldn't be more proud.

Yesterday I went sailing with friends and met Geoff. He writes thrillers, chapter books and middle grade books. We completely dominated the boat conversation as we discovered we are both in about the same situation in our writing (i.e. waiting to hear back on submissions) and had a ball discussing the publishing industry, editors and agents. It was fascinating to talk to someone who isn't writing romance, but is writing genre fiction. And it makes me appreciate RWA and all the opportunities open to writers of romance.

I'm feeling antsy today. Not sure why. Maybe because weekends are too short and it's Monday. Maybe because July is almost over and I'm dreading the end of summer. Maybe because National is approaching and I'm not going. Whatever the reason, I feel like running outside and waving my hands in the air while I primal scream.

How are you doing today?

Today's goal: Working on Bending for the Golden Rose
Yesterday's achievement: Got on the boat for the first time this summer
What I'm grateful for: The opportunities available to me as a writer of romance
Quote: A"n effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible." -Unknown