New adventures

As promised, I submitted my logline for the Desire pitch. Here it is.

Emma Montgomery’s dream of marrying for love is threatened when her billionaire father makes her a pawn in his latest business deal and offers her a choice, lose her inheritance or marry Nathan Case, a man who offers her passion, but withholds his heart.

Nathan is accustomed to getting his way in business as well as romance, but fighting his half brothers for control of the family business is a piece of cake compared to convincing Emma he’s seen too many lives ruined to consider marrying for love.

Lexi helped me refine it. She has a knack for asking all the right questions and making me work harder than I want to. HUGE THANKS FOR THAT!

With a manuscript sitting at Silhouette and requests for 2 others that I'm not supposed to send because they want to evaluate one at a time, I've decided to turn my attention to something new and different.

So, I'm taking a Regency set time travel historical thingy that I wrote over ten years ago and revising it (utilizing all the wonderful things I've learned in the last 2 years) into a paranormal of a different kind. After spending the last year and a half fitting my characters into a precise package for series contemporary, I'm going to (try to) let loose and go a little over the top. I'm aiming to make it dark, but funny. Sexy and hot (which it isn't now, it's rather sweet) and have a whole lot of fun throwing spells, demons and all sorts of vile things at my dark, tortured, angst-ridden characters.

The current version has some great historic detail, but is rather boring and after a brief reading today I realized why: it has no conflict (well it does, but not much). The new version has lots of conflict, and before I'm done, there will be even more.

I was inspired by the Sci Fi channel's Dresden Files. I love the down and out wizard with the dark background and even darker secrets.

Who or what has inspired you lately? A good movie? A fabulous series? An intriguing book?

Today's goal: work on my plotting sheets
Yesterday's accomplishments: Submitted my Desire pitch
What I'm grateful for: Friends who push me to do/be more
Quote: "Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods." -Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC),