Thanks to Stephie Smith , I've been tagged.

I've seen this on various other people's blogs, but never thought it would happen to me. But it has. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I've got friends in cyberspace. Here are the rules.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry.
5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Six unimportant things about me:

1. I used to breed Burmese cats.

2. I love watching professional ballroom dancing. It's a guilty pleasure. Especially the latin numbers.

3. When I was in third grade I played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz for our school play.

4. I'm a electronic gadget junkie. I bought my 4th iPod yesterday.

5. I'm an only child.

6. I have a terrible time making decisions. Then when I finally do make one, I am never satisfied that I did the right thing.

Okay, now I'm supposed to tag 6 random people. Lexi, Annie, Kelly, Melissa, Carol, Rita. You are all it.