New Year, Fresh Start

After taking most of December off of my writing/editing, I've gotten back in the groove again. I'm taking a class at Writer U to overcome my Self-Defeating Behaviors, and it was just the jump start I needed.

I tend to swing high to low with my productivity and energy level. I'm either working my butt off or being a complete slug. For years I've stressed about my uneven style, now I'm beginning to wonder if I just need to accept that this is the way I work.

What I think I can change is the negativity that seems to hang like a cloud over my head when I'm not working. I'm not sure if the self-defeating behavors cause the drop in productivity or if they are a symptom (which came first, the chicken or the egg), but I'd like to break the cycle.

To that end, I'm putting together a little boost of positive energy that will hopefully act like a sunny day and restore my good spirits on those days when I get blue. I'm writing down affirmations on flash cards, listening to The Secret every day and making my daily goals less daunting.

What do you do to keep motivated?

Yesterday's Achievement: Finished Edits on Chapter 1 for my HP Instant Seduction Contest
Today's Goal: Finish Edits on Chapter 2
What I'm Grateful For: All the inspiration I need is at my fingertips
Today's Affirmation: Everything I seek is seeking me (I found this a very powerful statement.)