As the year closes, I’ve started looking back over what I’ve done/learned and what I’d like to do/learn. In other words: Goals.

In the fall of 2006, I decided I’d taken a long enough break (10 years) and that I was ready to recommit to my journey to publication. I started 2007 with only a couple goals in mind: 1) enter a bunch of contests, hopefully final, and get a request for a full from an editor, and 2) stay focused. That worked well. I entered 30 contests, finalled in 14 and received requests for 4 manuscripts. I also stayed very focused on writing short contemporary (although I did get sidetracked for a couple weeks with a fantasy story).

Along the way, I wrote 1 book, finished 1, rewrote 1, and started a 4th. I met lots of great new writer friends, reconnected with others, attended 2 conferences (1 national), pitched to 2 editors and 1 agent, joined PRO, took 2 on-line writing courses, created a website, started a blog, judged 2 contests, learned a bunch of stuff and actually applied most of it to my writing.

To say that I learned a bunch would be an understatement. And looking back on everything I did, it makes perfect sense that by December I was completely worn out.

For 2008, I intend to submit 3 of the requested books. To do that I must finish my 4th book and rewrite two others. I’m not even going to think about starting something new until this is done. I need to blog more often, at least twice a week. I’m going to attend 1 conference. I’m going to submit to a few agents. I’m going to take at least 3 on-line writing courses. I'm going to read at least 50 books and some of those by 10 new authors. And of course, I’m going to continue to maintain my focus.

Last year was all about throwing open the doors and windows of my mind and absorbing everything I could. This year is about selectively applying that knowledge to better my writing and move closer to my goal of being published.

Have you made any goals for 2008?

Yesterday’s Accomplishment: I took down my Christmas tree and packed away all the trappings of the holiday.
Today’s Goal: To finish and polish a synopsis for my Harlequin Presents contest entry
What I’m Grateful for: The chance to puppysit for a week. It’s fun to have Teddy visiting.